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– An ‘Asclepeion’ or ancient Greek healing temple


Welcome to the website describing my medical practice. As far as I know this medical practice is unique in important ways.

I am board-certified in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Clinical and Medical Hypnosis. This means I have professional expertise in the body and its afflictions and the mind and its afflictions. It also means I have professional expertise in using hypnosis as a pragmatic tool to efficiently access aspects of mind that we ordinarily push to the side. This constellation of professional training and experience, acquired and integrated over 40 years, is unique in New Mexico. I put all this knowledge and experience to good use in each session, by focusing on you, your experience of living, your self-image, your suffering, and, most importantly, your strengths, your resilience, and your capacity to heal.

I am the “physician who listens.” I take time to understand at all levels the origins and consequences of your afflictions. I do not prescribe medications, but use a compassionate professional relationship, built on words, imagination and actions, to guide you to use your own innate capabilities to relieve or heal your body and life. Because the relief and healing is based on a relationship, you will need to commit to doing your part of the work. The healing process is not magical, but the results are palpable and substantial, often wonderful.

Gregory M. Gillette, M.D. 453-C Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (401) 489-5707